Our Longhouses


Welcome To Hiellen Village

Our Mission

Our Haida longhouse village is designed to give you a truly unforgettable experience that will bring you awareness and understanding of the interconnection of all things. Come unwind with us and enjoy the beauty that is Haida Gwaii.


Our seven traditional Haida style longhouses and our group longhouse provide comfortable and cozy accommodations. All longhouses are built using local cedar, hemlock and spruce from our own local mill.


Our Journey

The Hiellen Longhouse Village has been a dream of the Old Massett Village Council for many years. In 2012  the Old Massett Village Council secured the funding to build the longhouses through organizations such as the Coast Opportunity Fund, the Coast Sustainability Trust, the Gwaii Trust, Fisheries Legacy Trust, Haida Gwaii Community Futures,  and Service Canada.

The Hiellen longhouse village was built using our local carpentry apprentice program, cabinetry program, and our milling crew. All the wood (with exception of the plywood) was milled right here on Haida Gwaii! The crew worked hard to create a beautiful space for both visitors and locals to enjoy while on Haida Gwaii.

All profits from the Hiellen Longhouses go directly back to the Old Massett Village Council to create more employment opportunities in the tourism industry on Haida Gwaii.

We are currently raising funds to erect a replica of a 52′ Totem pole that once stood in the village. Thank you to our guests who have donated funds to date.



At Hiellen we promote the use of environmentally sustainable use of water, power and cleaning products. Although we are not 100% green, we hope to keep our environmental impact to a minimum so that it is here for our future generations and yours.




It is important to know that when staying at Hiellen we encourage 3 min showers, minimal water use for toilets, and ask that you respect the forest in which we reside.

Please do not flush anything other than provide toilet paper down the systems, this will protect our system and environment. Only use provided cleaning supplies. 

About the Longhouses


Each of our cozy longhouses have a queen bed and a single bunk bed.  You can comfortably sleep four, however, there is a small day bed that can fit a small fifth guest. WE DO NOT  PROVIDE BEDDING OR TOWELS. You will need to bring your own! 

Our small longhouses include a gas stovetop,  cooking utensils, in-door bathroom, running water*  and a wood-burning fireplace.  We start you off with enough coffee, tea, sugar etc. to begin your day, but if you are staying more than a night, you might want to pack some of your favorite fine grind.

Coolers are available for $10 at Guest Services.

We are off-the grid in an environmentally sensitive area. Please only use toiletries and cleaning supplies provided in Longhouses.  Limited electricity is available for guests to use, but is subject to interruptions and power outages.  Interruptions in electrical service will not result in refunds, or discounts on the price of your stay

*WATER is SACRED  so be prepared to perfect the art of a 3 minute shower OR  feel free to jump into the river for a colder, but refreshing dip! (At your own risk of course!) A 5 gallon jug of drinking water is provided to you at the beginning of your stay. Additional jugs can be requested. Additional fees may apply.

 *Onsite water is non potable. 


The group longhouse can accommodate up to twenty guests at one time. There are 10 rooms with a single bunk in each room. 

The group longhouse has a central kitchen with a cook-top that is fully stocked with pots, pans, cooking utensils, dishes, and cutlery.

The group longhouse has two bathrooms.  One is equipped with a running water shower, toilet and sink, and the other is equipped with a solar shower, toilet and sink. Yes, the toilets flush 🙂

There is an open living  space for visiting around the fire.  You may want to bring folding camp chairs for your comfort.

*Coolers are available for $10 at Guest Services*

WARNING:  This is truly a RUSTIC experience. If you plan to “camp” INDOORS you will have a fantastic time. Hiellen is NOT a hotel, B&B or Inn. Our water is limited, our amenities are basic, but we are located in one of the most beautiful places in the world. 

(Refunds will not be issued due to circumstances out of our control). 



Our Site Manager, will greet you upon your arrival and is available to assist you with anything you may need during your stay.  On cold days you will find our cabins warm, and ready for your visit.  Firewood for heating the cabin is included with your stay, and our Site Manager can show you how to build and manage your fire, if needed


Bring your pet along for a wonderful experience for a nominal fee! Your special guest is welcome in all our cabins. For the safety of other guests and your pet please have them leashed while on the campground. 


There is no wi-fi in the forest, but we promise you will find a deeper connection. Limited cell service is available,  but please be aware when using your phone, sometimes you pick up an Alaskan service provider, and this will result in high roaming charges with most providers.  Check with your phone service provider to see if they offer network coverage that reaches Haida Gwaii.

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